Find Car Storage Now! helps you find and compare real car storage facilities that are specifically designed for the purpose of storing cars.Many sites on the web offering car storage are merely self storage facilities designed for storing personal belongs. We are different. Here you will only find storage facilities who cater to car owners.

Facilities listed in our directory are outfitted with equipment and supplies for vehicle storage and are typically staffed by automotive experts who are experienced in handling specialty vehicles.

Types of Car Storage

Premium Car Storage

Secure, controlled space for car enthusiasts, car collectors and car lovers. Designed to safely store and preserve your car, these facilities have advanced features and systems to ensure the optimal preservation of your vehicle. Offering far more than meager heated space, premium car storage facilities actually monitor and maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels. As you may or may not know, proper humidity levels are vital for preventing rubber seals from cracking and gaskets from drying while ensuring against rust. And temperatures must be warm enough to keep fluids from freezing but cold enough to prevent mold. Because you value your investment, there is no better place to preserve a prized car.


Economy Car Storage

Economy car storage - for vehicles you drive frequently. Economy-level facilities are equipped with the minimum essential requirements to protect vehicles from rain, snow and freezing temperatures. If you own a passenger car that you use daily and are looking for a low-cost storage solution while traveling, or if you want to make space in your garage, economy car storage is an excellent choice. Prices for economy car storage range from $50-$140/month depending on location.


City Car Storage

City car storage - for heavily populated cites that don't have adequate on-street parking for visitors and residents. Common types of city car storage include underground parking garages, multi-level parking buildings, outdoor covered parking, outdoor parking lots with stack-able lifts, and automated self-parking garages. A parking space in a city car storage facility can usually be rented by the year, by the month, by the week, day-to-day, or by the hour.


Airport Car Storage

Airport car storage - for short and long-term storage of vehicles whose owners park them while traveling by air. Airport car storage is usually located adjacent to or very near an airport. When airport car storage- also referred to as airport parking- is located away from the airport, there is usually a shuttle service that carries you and your luggage to and from the airport. And because airport car storage facilities cater to ‘round-the-clock travelers, many are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.