Barn Finds

A barn find is when a classic vehicle is stored and forgotten for a long period of time in a barn, garage, basement or any place it could remain undisturbed and well preserved. Car collectors particularly love barn finds because when they find cars that have been stored in barns for over twenty years or more they are more often than not in original condition.

A barn find scenario is usually created by a person who was unable to part ways with their car even after it became obsolete or in need of so many repairs it was no longer cost effective to keep on the road. When this type of person has the luxury of owning a barn, garage, warehouse or car accessible basement, they often choose to put the car in what they consider “long term car storage” until they have the time or money to restore the car. Unfortunately many of these people pass away before that time comes, missing their chance to restore their once prized car while at the same time leaving it to be discovered by a lucky car lover. Although it’s sad to hear of someone passing on and leaving behind their once cherished collector car, I bet almost all of us would admit we dont mind finding barn finds!

We also love to read barn find stories. Sometimes just hearing about a good barn find and seeing the photos is as satisfying as the actual discovery of a barn find. If you have a good barn find story and some great photos to document your discovery, send them to us so we can feature them in our upcoming barn find section of

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