Car Storage for College Students

If your a college student with a car and live far away from home you might want to consider leaving your car in storage during your summer vacation.   With 87 octane gas costing anywhere from $3.70 to $4.00 a gallon it may be more cost effective to leave your car by behind in a qualified long term car storage facility and fly home.

But before you decide if you should drive or fly, take a look at how much it will cost to drive home compared to the cost of flying and storing.  For driving expenses you will want to consider, lodging cost, food cost,  fuel cost and wear and tear on your vehicle.  You can get a pretty accurate estimate of fuel costs by estimating your average travel distance, average speed then using your cars fuel consumption at that average speed you can calculate how many gallons you will consume during your trip. You can find out what your cars fuel consumption is by looking in your owners manual under “mpg” or fuel economy.  Now multiply the number of gallons you will consume by the average price of a gallon of fuel and you have your fuel cost.  Or if your looking for the easy way you can use this handy fuel cost calculator tool from AAA.  Lodging and food expenses will depend on your particular tastes and how much sleep you require!

Next compare your  driving expenses, to the price of a two way plane ticket plus 3 months of economy car storage at about $120 a month.

If the cost to store your car for 3 months and fly home is equal to or less than the cost to drive home, you should consider putting your car in storage for the summer.   Not only is flying home and storing your car a faster way to travel and more convenient, your also going to save money in the long run by putting less mileage on your car.

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