The Benefits of Car Storage

A quality car storage facility can cost anywhere from $150- $250 per month and can easily be justified by looking at the benefits it provides. A competent facility in this price range will protect your car from damage caused by humidity, extreme temperatures, rodents, mold and even environmental disasters such as floods. The following are major benefits of storing your car in a professional car storage facility.

  • Reduce costly repairs – Incorrectly stored cars are likely to be damaged by the elements to which they are exposed. Storing your vehicle in a dry, room-temperature garage will prevent it from rusting and growing mold and will prevent metal-to-metal parts from sticking. If your vehicle sustains such damages, it will require expensive repair work, leaving you with a car worth less than when it went into storage.
  • Long term cost savings – Over the long term, unnecessary repair costs caused by inadequate storage will exceed the annual cost to store your car.
  • Safety – This is an often overlooked value of car storage. Older vehicles are unpredictable and have been known to catch fire without any warning. An unforeseeable electrical problem on an older car can potentially cause a fire, putting your family and home in jeopardy.
  • Convenience – When most people think of car storage, this is the first benefit that comes to mind. Not having to park your specialty or classic car in your garage at home will leave your garage free to park for your daily-driven car, which is especially convenient on cold winter days.


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