What Slowly Damages Your Car?

What will cause damage to a car that is not stored properly?

  • Humidity – Moisture droplets can form on metal surfaces, on upholstery and condensate inside fuel tanks. Damp unprotected metal will rust and mold will begin to grow.
  • Freezing temperatures – A frozen cooling system can cause an engine block to crack
  • Non Secure Building – A vehicle kept outside or in a poorly sealed storage unit can become exposed to dirt accumulation. Dirt can easily scratch a nicely finished car. Never place a car cover on a car without first washing off any dirt. A car left outside or in a unsecure storage unit will always be available to vandals.
  • Neglect – Not using a car often enough can actually cause more damage than an inexperienced driver behind the wheel! Fluids and grease can dry up while brake pads can seize against the rotors. Also starting an engine that has not been run in a long period of time can be as bad as starting it with no motor oil. Always run the oil pressure up first.


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