How Tire Dry Rot Occurs and How to Protect Your Tires

dry rot sidewall cracking

Tire dry rot is caused by UV light, oxydation, ozone, and lack of use. Tire manufactures blend wax, antioxidants and antiozonants to protect against dry rot. After market protectants, like 303 protectant penetrate a tire to further protect from harmful elements.

When Your Car Is More Than Transportation

73_Land_Rover_tumbnail Some American families still purchase cars solely for transportation or bragging rights. We, however, are a car family, firm in the belief that our cars are both a source of enjoyment and a concrete reminder of our past. One of our vehicles, a 1971 ..

Collector Car Insurance

car storage auto insurance What is collector car insurance? A collector car insurance policy will cover the value of your vehicle that you and your insurance company agree on. With an agreed or guaranteed value for your car you can be certain that you will be compensated fo..

Auto Refinancing

2012 has already been a year of note. In addition to all the talk about Nostradamus's predictions and the Mayan calendar, this is a leap year, making it one of the few in which February has 29 days. That means 2012 will have an extra day for us to ge..

Car Insurance During Storage

In almost every state, if a motor vehicle is registered it must also be insured, even if that vehicle has been placed in storage. Owning or operating an automobile that is uninsured could lead to numerous fines or other consequences. The minimum amou..

Barn Finds


Many classic cars have been stored and forgotten in barns, garages, warehouses, and anywhere you can think of. Eventually a lucky “car nut” comes along and finds a treasure of a lifetime.