Washing Your Car Before Storage

Washing your car is an important step you should take before putting your vehicle away for long periods of time. In order to give your car a good wash and avoid causing any damage you should take the time to review the basics of how to wash a car pro..

Battery Maintenance

Car owners often neglect their car's battery during long periods of storage. Many people just assume that if the car isn't being used then the battery should be good to go when its time take the car out of storage. This is far from true. A neglected ..

How to Install a Car Cover

Using a car cover when storing indoors can help prevent your vehicle from potentially being scratched by airborne dirt and dust.  Even though the car is stored safely inside a building, dust and dirt can still accumulate on the cars painted surfaces..

What Slowly Damages Your Car?


Many people are unaware of how the their car is damaged from just being in the wrong environment. There are many invisible forces that can destroy a car that is not properly protected.

The Benefits of Car Storage

benefits of car storage

There are many benefits to storing your car other than just the convenience of having more space at your home. Car storage can be cost effective, safe, convenient and more.

Car Storage Preparation

car_storage_preperation If you plan to store your vehicle for longer than a week, you're going to need to do a few things to get it ready. Otherwise, you're going to have flat tires, a dead battery...and that's just the start of the problems that you'll have. If you plan t..