Types of Long Term Car Storage

There are many different options for storing your car. Take a look at the different solutions and see what is the right fit for your need

Car Storage Myths

car stored with car cover at seekonk car storage

Car storage maintenance is a critical to maintaining a vehicle for long periods of time. But many tips and and suggestions are merely myths and misunderstands of how to properly maintain a car.

Selecting a Car Storage Facility

After deciding that you will need to store your car for more than several months you should next decide what is the ideal storage solution for the particular vehicle you own

City Car Storage Options

car stored in a parking garage

Living in the city and owning car can be a difficult act to balance. Parking on the street is not always an option and can be prohibitively expensive. So finding the right city car storage solution is sometimes the most cost effective option.

Airport Car Storage

airport parking lot

Find out how to select good airport parking, what security features to look for and what are the most common forms of payment

Auto Insurance for Car Storage

Most auto storage facilities will require that each vehicle owner carry insurance on any vehicle being stored on their property before any storage agreement is reached.