Car Storage Houston

For auto enthusiasts in Houston who want more than just storage, many facilities are now offering additional services such as: detailing, car maintenance, private club house with members area, mechanical services, pick up and delivery and car show preparation.

Tip: Its always a good idea to have your vehicle serviced before placing it in storage.

Additional Car Care Resources for Texas

Window tinting

Windshield and side windows – Must have a total light transmission of 25 percent or more.

Side window behind driver – No restrictions

Rear window – No restrictions if vehicle has two side mirrors that provide the driver visibility 200ft behind the rear of the vehicle

Label – One label must be attached to the rearmost, bottom corner of the driver’s side window of the vehicle.

*Check with Texas Department of Public Safety before making any alterations to your vehicle Texas.  Some of the information provided above may have changed since this posting  Summary of Texas transportation code for allowable window tinting