Car Storage Los Angeles

With a population of approximately 3.8 million and massive supply of registered automobiles (5.8 million), occupying the city limits of Los Angeles, parking and storing a car has always been a challenge for residents and visitors.  Fortunately many small privately operated car storage facilities have sprung up in and around Los Angeles to provide car owners a solution for the lack of parking and garage space in the area.

Below are the various types of car storage options around Los Angeles

Car storage clubs in Los Angeles

Car clubs in LA offer more than just storage and maintenance services.  In addition to storing cars, vehicle owners are granted access to club amenities that typically include a members lounge and invited to attend social events with other club members.

Check out Club Auto Sport

Premium Indoor car storage in Los Angeles

High end car storage for exotics, luxury vehicles and classics.  High level car storage facilities provide additional services such as tire rotation, oil changes, vehicle excecising, but without the benefits of a club.

Check out Auto-Vault

Economy car storage in Los Angeles

For owners looking for basic low cost indoor storage.  Ideal for military personnel and college students.

Check out Auto Drive ‘N’ Ship

Los Angeles Car maintenance tip

Tinting your windows will help reduce damage to your interior caused by the sun.

Window tint limits for Los Angeles:

California law states that a car window must allow no less than 35% of light to pass through a window.
Allowable tint shades:  green, gray or neutral color smoke

Resources: California window tint requirements California DMV – Vehicle registration and title information LA Department of Transportation