Car Storage Seattle

Seattle has unintentionally become famous for its epic traffic congestion. Commuters are said to have spent 44 hours stuck in traffic during 2009, resulting in a “cost of congestion” (time lost, and money for gas wasted during idling) figure of $1,056 per driver.

Now, that may sound horrible, but it’s still not as bad as it could be. Chicago residents for example, spent a staggering 70 hours stuck in traffic (in 2009), at a cost of $1,738 per driver. Talk about counting your blessings.

It gets better too. Since that 2009 study, congestion has actually dropped in Seattle, and drivers are now spending less time waiting in traffic. Granted, it took some ‘congestion charges’, and those millions of cars that were idling on the I-5, are somewhere “using alternate routes”. But at least it’s an improvement.

Seattle has lots of traffic to be sure. So naturally, you have lots of options when it comes to finding vehicle storage in Seattle. With that in mind, let’s look at your different choices when it comes to car storage Seattle.

Choosing Vehicle Storage in Seattle

First of all, decide how long you’re going to store the car. If you plan to put the car away for more than a year, then a climate controlled garage/storage locker would be your best bet. Most ‘Self Store’ facilities offer these, and many have secured entrances, along with surveillance cameras and on-site security.

For more temporary vehicle storage in Seattle, or if you just tuck your toy away, then you might want to consider a full-service long term car storage facility. Many long term Seattle car storage facilities offer services like pickup & delivery, oil changes, battery replacement, startup & run every thirty days, and detailing.

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