Should my car be insured while it is in storage?

Yes, you should always keep your car insured. Your car will not be covered by the insurance policy of the facility where your car is being stored. If you are storing your car at home, your home owners insurance policy will not cover your car if it is damaged during storage.

Should I over inflate my tires?

Yes, you should increase the air pressure 2-3 lbs more than the tire manufacture recommends. Don’t forget to check the air pressure when you take your car out of storage.

Should I disconnect my battery?

When storing classic cars always disconnect the battery. Some late model cars require a fully charged battery with battery tender. Check your owners manual to see if your vehicle requires constant power during storage.

Do I need to add fuel stabilizer?

If your storing your vehicle for over 6 months, you should add fuel stabilizer. If your storing for under 6 months, it won’t hurt, but it isn’t necessary.

Should the storage facility where my car is stored be insured?

Yes, make sure the storage facility where your car is being stored is insured even if your car is insured.

How often should I start and run my engine?

If your car is being stored for less than 6 months its not really necessary to periodically start your vehicle. Starting your vehicle for a short period of time without fully heating up the motor and exhaust system will produce condensation in your exhaust system. If you prefer to start your engine make sure the car is brought up to operating temperature and driven around to ensure that any condensation in the motor and exhaust system is burned off.

Should my car be covered while it is in storage?

If the storage facility where your car is being stored contains a lot of dust you should keep your car covered, but make sure you wash your car before you put the cover on. Putting a car cover on a dirty car can cause scratches in the paint. Also, use a car cover that is designed for indoor car storage.

Should I keep my car raised on jack stands during storage?

Its not a good idea to keep your car on jack stands during storage. If there was ever a fire or flood you would not be able to quickly move your car out of harms way. There are other methods to prevent flat spots from forming on tires. FlatStoppers are a product designed to prevent flat spots.

What is the difference between premium car storage and economy car storage?

A premium facility will offer convenient services and features aimed primarily at car enthusiasts. Some examples of premium car storage services and features are: temperature and humidity control, transportation arrangements, car detailing, 24 hour access, car monitoring, in-house car repair, staff and other car oriented concierge services.

An economy facility only offers bare bones car storage at the lowest price. Facilities that offer super low prices would not be able to offer high tech equipement and employ a staff necessary to administer extra services found at premium facilities.