San Diego Car Storage

San Diego has a population of 3 million county wide with nearly 1.3 million residents in the downtown area.  With near perfect weather (humidity levels average 70% only 6 months out of the year), beautiful attractions, and high income residents, San Diego is a hot bed for classic cars and luxury vehicles.

Unfortunately San Diego suffers one major down fall that is obvious to anyone who owns a car, especially in La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Old Town.  A parking study conducted by Wilbur Smith and Associates in 2002 identified that there is an insufficient amount of parking in the La Jolla, Old Town and Pacific Beach communities of San Diego California.

Lack of parking and car storage has been a problem that has plagued San Diego for many years and likely to remain that way for years to come.  According to Wilbur Smith and Associates  “Over the next 20 years, the demand will steadily increase, while supply will remain relatively fixed”

San Diego’s strict parking regulations also make parking and storing a vehicle difficult and inconvenient for residents.  With rules that limit how long and where you can park on city streets, locating a proper car storage facility or parking garage is essential for residents with limited garage and driveway space.

La Jolla, San Diego had the highest home prices in the Nation for 2008 and 2009.  La Jolla is a renown community that is home to many shops,  high quality lodging facilities, dining options and successful businesses.

Pacific Beach, located south of La Jolla, is know for its exciting night life, surfing and college life.  And with a population growing older and more affluent, you can expect to see collector cars and high end vehicles parked along city streets.

Old Town known as “the birth place of California”, has many historical buildings, shopping centers, arts attractions and historical sites.


San Diego Parking Study – Wilbur Smiths and Associates 2002